Wedding Poem.

spoken to my friend –

So here we are again, old friend,

after so many moons and trips

into the inner world

and loss of illusions (and some hair)

and changes of socks and beliefs

and laughter at what the cosmic trickster

threw our way.

Here we are

at another magic crossroads

and your path lies clear before you.

And so the wheel turns

and your life’s light is returned

by your shining bride.

My heart sings for you

in your happiness

and my restless feet

will dance like wild horses

at your wedding

and my love is always here for you.


spoken to his wife –

You have filled my friend’s life with

sweet caring, companionship and completion,

with a sharing of light, night and the unknown

and a giving of life’s promise.

And so I come to know you more

and hold you closer to my heart

as family and as friend.


spoken to both –


as the august sky plays

a blue duet with the mirrored lake,

I see you reflecting each other

and us all

in your love.


the gods are dancing for you

and all our hearts are mounting the sky

for you

like ascending flamingos,

like summer kites,

like temple drums.


You are blessed and filled

by your union of blissful choice.

You are woven together

as the sun weaves light

through trees

and the stars weave the night

with dreams.

You are woven together

on the loom of love, hope, friendship

and courageous beginnings,

and we weave our hearts

with yours


And on this most magical of days, and forever,

Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion,

honour and humility and mirth and grace within you.

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