12 thoughts on “people

  1. May I please ask what WordPress blog theme you’re using. I like the way your gallery is set up with titles beneath each photo. When I upload my galleries there doesn’t seem to be an option to do what you’ve done. Mine are allowed to be posted as a gallery over which I don’t have creative control in how their set up and what it is that I can do with them (i.e. add titles, etc.).

    • Giovanni – my Theme is Coraline by Automattic. You can always find the Theme of any WordPress blog by scrolling to the very bottom of the page. I am pleased with my Theme, it is clean and simple and gives me most of what I want to do.

    • I use my camera rarely these days – most of my time is taken with painting, drawing etc. I know that my ‘People gallery’ is very thin – I lost many people photos and unhappily have never been able to recover them. I also know that you are people oriented in your photography, and brilliantly so. Perhaps I should delete that particular gallery section.

      • Great! Look forward to them. Vancouver is so full of great photo opportunities (especially Robson Street and Granville Island). While I was there this summer, I took some interesting photos of people at those two places.

      • Look forward to seeing those photos G. If you are ever in Vancouver again let me know – it would be great to meet you in the flesh (so to speak) and we could chin wag over a local brew or three. Granville Island is where I spend a lot of my time taking classes at Emily Carr University of Art and Design – did you visit that building?

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