The images I create result from a convergence of chance, observation and wonder. They explore the eternal dance of  Yin/Yang, Light/Dark, Eros/Psyche. They help me understand who I am and why.

I offer these paintings as a sharing, with the hope that you will discover and reflect your own story in what you see.

Click on thumbnail for larger image and slide show.

21 thoughts on “paintings

    • Thank you Kate – as a relative ‘beginner’ I do so much appreciate your comments – your support means a lot to me. I have looked at your work and I drowned in your sea paintings and was blown away by your use of colour and mood. You have inspired me.

  1. I hit a few like buttons…but you know…looking at these on a computer isn’t ideal…would love to see them in a gallery setting. I am looking forward to going through this site in more detail. I love the idea of combining images with words as you do. Your work seems to have substance behind it…something that seems to be lacking in modern day art.

    • thank you so much for your cascade of ‘likes’ and for your two comments on my drawings and paintings. I make art to share and feel great joy when I know that others have connected to my visual stories. I have followed your comments on beautyanddreams (a fave site of mine) and have liked your sensitive and thoughtful observations. You ask about the sizes of my work ummm ah I have been remiss in not including this info in my gallery and now I know I need to do this. Generally my paintings are not larger than 30×20″, although I have a couple of larger canvases, and some are much smaller. My largest drawings are 18×24″. Mostly I work at home, a one bedroom condo, so am restricted by space but I love to work large and this I can do in the studios of my local art school – after that comes the problem of where oh where to put the darn things! I look forward to exploring your site and thank you again for your supportive words.

    • Thank you Sam – as you know I am not a Face Booker so I will not experience your re-blogging; however, I appreciate you doing this. I was thinking of you as I made this drawing. Love ya – Papa…

  2. I find that your art captures the soul of the person/image. I hear echos of picasso in some of your work. There’s a painting in landscape form of a man who seems to be moving across the canvas, but I can’t find it again – I’ll continue looking. I liked the way in which you captured movement, without trying.

    • Thank you – your support means a lot to me. Yes, Picasso has been an influence in my art along with a number of other artists. I’m not sure of the painting you refer to but it may have been moved to ‘Mixed Media’ during a recent reorganization.

  3. The painting that evokes Picasso most is “Pie Rat.” The person seems so tortured – or am I projecting onto it something that may not be there? Appreciate the intensity of your work.

    • Giovanni, thank you. In my approach to art making whatever the viewer projects is as real as what I projected when I made the art. It’s all in the mind…

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