mixed media

The images I create result from a convergence of chance, observation and wonder. They explore the eternal dance of  Yin/Yang, Light/Dark, Eros/Psyche. They help me understand who I am and why.
I offer these works as a sharing, with the hope that you will discover and reflect your own story in what you see.

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15 thoughts on “mixed media

    • I thank you Silvia for your supportive comment. From a brief visit to your site I can say that I really like your paintings also – I left a comment there tonight.

  1. Mixed media is a domain or style of visual art that SoundEagle especially likes.

    John, I have three questions:

    What materials do you used for mixed media?

    Do you find that some or all of your mixed media works tend to be more prone to deterioration and/or discolouration than more traditional media do, given that the former involves many different materials to begin with?

    If your answer were affirmative, could you have used much more durable materials to begin with, assuming that they were available and not too expensive?

    • John, I do realise that the first question has been partially answered by the captions of the images above. I am after a more unifying or consolidating explanation rather than that which is applied or pertaining to individual or particular paintings.

      • In other words, and without being exhaustive or limited by my brief clarification here, my question is one that asks how an artist or painter (in this case, you) decided to adopt certain (kind(s) or class(es)of) materials over other (set(s) of) alternatives in certain project(s) over certain period(s).

        Part of your answer to my first question could be explaining why you chose certain materials over others, and whether the decisions had any bearings on or relations to techniques, canvases, timings, availabilities, durabilities, philosophies, aesthetics, ethos, traditions, school of thoughts, theories, modalities, personalities and so on.

      • SE – I’m sorry – I can’t resolve your questions – they are all left brain and I work almost entirely by intuition and process. I would love to be able to explain my creative process with an intellectual spin but it’s not within my realm of reality. I have basic materials that I buy to accomplish what I envision. If a material is missing I improvise. Influences on my art are legion. I spent two years in art school, four years in university, twenty two years teaching art and am now completing a two year course at the local art school in Vancouver. I have studied art history and contemporary street art. All of this feeds into what I do. If you have ever immersed yourself in the act of art you will understand how it evades words. There is a well spring inherent in my being that flows through me and will not be denied. I sit at my canvas or drawing board and empty myself. The images emerge and I channel them onto a surface. I engage in a conversation with whatever becomes manifest on the surface. It’s like making a new friend. I am not judgmental and nor do I self critique – I accept and honour what appears. I hope that this covers some of what you are asking – thank you for your interest…

      • I am grateful to you, John, for taking the time and care to provide this candid and solid revelation here of your artistic life and vision. There is no denying that art and its proponents, approaches and subject matters can often be very subjective and not always amenable to tangible comprehension through words alone. And sometimes, artistic works are almost entirely left to the mind or eye of the beholder to make sense of them, as much as inspirations, motivations and creative processes can defy clarification or justification.

        It would be amiss of me to demand or expect from you any particular kind of answer, which is, and should be, free to take any form.

        Thank you very much for sharing with us so many works that speak from and touch your heart (and mind). I, for one, am bathed in your aura, however tenuously or vicariously through the vivid colours and gestures on your canvases.

      • You are most welcome, John. Your dedications to art and your long service to teaching, as well as your understanding of, and devotion to, certain art forms and genres across the social divisions of class and culture, are all very admirable to SoundEagle, who used to have some brief involvements at the School of English, Media Study and Art History of a university in the distant past. I would like to have your blessings as I intend to dedicate one of my December posts to you.

        By the way, since you are not one of SoundEagle’s followers (yet), I would like to inform you that I have just published a new post at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/end-of-year-greetings-from-soundeagle-in-readiness-for-the-festive-season-and-faster-website/.

        Thank you.

      • SE. Thank you again and of course you have my blessings – I am honoured by your intention. Have no doubt that I will be a follower of your site, however; right now I am trying to catch-up on a vast backlog of communicating with my present followers and others. I will now follow the link you sent – warmest wishes, John

    • SE -1. the materials used are mentioned in the text for each piece. 2. I haven’t yet noticed deterioration or discolouring in any of these works. 3. I imagine that, in years to come, some changes may occur in some of these pieces, however; this is not a priority for me at this time. I finish each work with either cold wax or acrylic sprays so probably they will outlast me!…

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