‘The 100’ – # 100. Fin


Done, over, concluded, terminated.

Remember the end of those romantic

French movies? “FIN”,

as in finished and finale.


Time to put on coats and hats,

shuffle through popcorn detritus and cola cans,

leave the cosy sentiments of make-believe,

the warmth of shared fantasies and holding hands,

the smells of perfume, upholstery and sweat,

and step through swinging doors

into the glare and noises of the street,

stunned for a moment, floating between

two worlds, not certain which is real.


Mixed media art and poem by clinock

Thanks Mr. Twain.


The 100 # 99 – going


This is the original image of #1 of ‘The 100series. Sprayed onto a particularly uninspiring example of city architecture in East Vancouver this single word “going” attracted me because of its carefully inscribed Grade 6 style of writing, so different from most urban wall graffiti. Its simple one word power of mystery, poetic evocation and pathos enchanted me.

I considered the obvious, that this was the beginning so it should also be the end. However, I am placing it at #99,  just before the cycle finishes, because I need to contradict the obvious.


I have made some changes to the image and use it here as the penultimate #99. I cropped and added text to the photo creating a poem of sorts, or perhaps more realistically, a primitive chant, of leaving, of departure…The illuminated ‘One’ was unintentional but when it happened it gave me pause…despite our going and separation we are still one, always one, here together…

going gone

going gone


going going


going gone

gone going

gone going


going going


the song of the sailor raising the sails,

the drums of the warriors leaving forever,

the pounding heart of the  refugee,

the hurt voice of lovers

walking away,

the boots of the restless

embracing the highway,

the cry of the imprisoned

as iron doors crash close,

the breath of the dying

on their final beds of light,

time, seasons, love,



Photo and poem by clinock.

Credit and thanks to the unknown street writer.

The 100 #98 – Poet Mask

poetmaskHis lips are pinned to silence,

but behind the mask

the poet


stuttering with knotted tongue,

spitting nails sometimes,

mouth burning, cracked voice off-key,

whisperings unheard

amongst traffic and crows,

and the static of stars.


Behind the mask,

with worn and ancient tools,

the poet mines his shadowed heart

opening bright shafts of light

through the deepest black,

transmogrifying caves

into cathedrals.


Part fool, part mole, part god,

he excavates the stratum of his soul,

wrestling cold rocks with bleeding hands,

always searching under stones

for elusive adjectives,

the missing metaphor,

the long-lost letter

from his dark-eyed muse.


Invisible in solitude

he digs from lexiconic soils

long-buried sentences,

faded phrases, corroded rhymes,

and plants them lovingly

in disheveled compost heaps

of synonyms, dank mosses,

nouns and rotted bones,

similes and verbs, fish-heads

and fractured fonts.


By candlelight and moon

goat footed spirits dance

on a deserted beach

with ghosts of Lorca, Eliot and Yeats

and behind his mask

the poet sorts and sifts his gleanings,

conjuring and reassembling

torn fragments of language,

for love, for truth, for madness,

his hand juggling

through clouds of unknowing

all he has to offer.

Poem and Mixed Media Painting by clinock

‘The 100’ # 97 – Dove


…” the wars they will
be fought again
The holy dove
She will be caught again
bought and sold
and bought again
the dove is never free.”

Leonard Cohen. Anthem

 That which once was clearly read

now manifests in ciphers,

silent, broken and disintegrating.

Whatever the answer was,

in this parchment of peace,

it is gone now, forgotten,

fragmented and lost.

Dove 6


Words and songs are smudged,

dark wings tear the light,

chaos reigns beneath the ordered surface

and the zero and the I,

tattooed in bar codes

indelibly across our eyes

binds us and blinds us.

Dove detail 2

And our blindness multiplies

with the hate and lies,

the killing, the hurting, the violence

wasting our hearts

to ashes, charcoal, stone,

and all we might become

is lacerated by darkness.


Dove detail 4

 But still we inhabit our dream

 as if the unbearable pain

was part of a stranger’s nightmare,

otherwise, we ask

how could we breath?

how could we sleep?

how could we believe in love?

Dove detail 3

So we claim neutrality,

pretend we do not see

the millions of bodies of falling doves

filling the sky like tears,

blood on white feathers

heaping around our feet

freezing us numb in holy snow.




Mixed media collage and poem by clinock.

Thank you Steven @  http://poemimage.wordpress.com for design inspiration.

‘The 100′ #96 – (b)ananartista

banana 4

Hello everyone. This post and the following four will complete my ‘The 100’ series. You may remember that my 100th Post initiated ‘The 100’ series in April 2012. As text and images are the essence of my blog my intention was and still is to present 100 pieces of text based art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand.

I originally thought to complete this series by my 200th post, however, #96 is Post 391 and I am determined to complete the series before I reach Post # 400.

For #96 of ‘The 100’ I present a very favorite artist of mine, (b)ananartista.

banana 5

(b)ananartista is a visual trickster, magician, clown and iconoclast. He carries the spirit of Duchamp’s Dada into the 21st century with a vibrant insanity, presenting the eye and brain with near psychedelic experiences. His vibrant colourful circuses of wall to wall drawing  and text pull the viewer into an exquisite madness that drops the jaw and pushes one’s belief in what art is to the extremities.

banana 1

I will, of necessity, only show you a small selection of his text based work but he has many more on this theme and many, many more art and performance works that don’t include text but are just as extraordinary and well worth a visit.

Rather than attempt to explain (b)ananartista further I now leave it to him and follow with the introduction he sent me:

…(b)ananartista orgasmo SBUFF is (not) a visual artist, composer, songwriter ( his last album IL TRONISTA is available to buy), video director, performer, “pictor sublimis“, poet, fashion designer, dancer and living museum.
(Un)doubtedly is also a biological quasar, erotic porn walker, Sbuffone, ascended oracle funny retarded caterpillar , cyclopic pornotrain and pataphysician.

websites: http://www.bananartista.com

banana 3

 The works the artist has chosen for this post appear above, throughout both introductions, and also below.

banana 6

I thank (b)ananartista for permission to share his art and encourage you to visit his various sites to see all of the magical expressions of creativity he offers the world in his own inimitable style.

banana 11


‘The 100’ #95 – Invitation to Play 1

invitation to play

A ‘double dipping‘ post – #95 in my ‘The 100’ series plus the beginning of a light hearted challenge for you and for me.

Below is a blank canvas sitting on my easel – it measures 24″ x 20″ (60.96 cm x 50.8 cm).


The concept behind ‘Invitation to Play’ is that I will paint this canvas according to your suggestions.

This challenge will proceed in stages starting with this post.

Stage 1 is breaking the white of the canvas by applying layers of acrylic washes.

For Stage 1: You suggest one or two colours for me to apply in washes to the canvas and how you want me to apply them…flat, straight lines, zigzag, gesturally, random, scrubbed etc… with a brush, a rag, my fingers or whatever you can come up with. No subject at this point, just process.

 I will act on the first three suggestions received. (If I can add more, I will).

I’ll post the suggestions that I will use for Stage 1 along the results of the process as it happens.

Feedback of any kind is welcome from everyone and those whose ideas are used can respond to the feedback. Let’s get a lively forum going. I am only the painter following your suggestions (although employing all and every artistic license of course) and won’t participate in the forum. However, I will write about my process and experiences as we go.

 Stage 2 will involve a building onto the first layers and your suggestions will depend on what you see in what has already happened. Other stages will follow until we decide it is done. Because of the process I imagine the results will be more abstract than figurative, but anything is possible…

Are you on board for this collaborative painting? Be the first to send your suggestions for Stage 1…

SO. HERE. WE. GO…..Fanfare of trumpets…Roll of drums…Searching for long lost colour wheels under bed…

‘The 100′ series was initiated by my 100th Post in April 2012. As text and images are the essence of my blog my intention is to present 100 pieces of text based art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand. To view the series to date click on ‘The 100’ in my Category Menu.

The ‘Invitation to Play‘ painting is a found image photographed in a local park in East Vancouver. I don’t know the artist but will credit you if you contact me. I thank you for inspiring the title for this post.

‘The 100’ #94 – Try This

Try This 1_2

A challenge to all you poets and writers out there:

Use the six found words in the top right corner of the art above to create a poem. Not necessarily in this order.

“save, kite, hole, gate, while, spoke.”

The poem doesn’t have to relate to the image, but kudos to you if it does.

Send in your poems as comments so we can all share.

Here is my humble effort:

Save this broken kite,

this fallen angel,

gate and bind its gaping hole

with inky flesh,

surreal whispers of skin

and bandages of words.”

 So spoke

the icy voices

of the winter winds

while torn shreds

of paper wings,

tangled in ribboned string,

thrashed and pummeled

against cold




mixed media painting and poem by clinock.

‘The 100′ series was initiated by my 100th Post in April 2012. As text and images are the essence of my blog my intention is to present 100 pieces of text based art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand. To view the series to date click on ‘The 100’ in my Category Menu.