window interlude – Siena ghost

window interlude white fig

inquisitive ghost

haunting bright Siena day

with curtained glances

haiku and photo by clinock

14 thoughts on “window interlude – Siena ghost

    • Thank you muchly Marina…I know something about Lombardy but am puzzled by your reference…can you enlighten me about the connection you see…am always open to learning more about the images I use…hugs and Happy Easter to you…

      • I remember reading once that around 5th or 6th century [not sure – could be terribly wrong!] the Lombards invaded Siena… so seeing this ghost reminded me of that. Mind plays funny games!
        Happy Easter to you too, my friend. 🙂

    • Yes, I agree Robert, a haunting and lovely formed illusion of Italian mystery, and such a surprise to find her there, another magic of a sunny Siena day…ah, the wonders of travel…

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