Reunion Inesperada…

Reunion Inesperada by Clinock. 18″ x 22″. Graphite, Conte and Charcoal on paper.








Reunion Inesperada by Clinock.

Memory resurrected on a city street.

Suddenly you in the evening crowd

Calling my name – I turn and

A thousand faces negate themselves

And disappear – only you remain

Real, under uncertain skies – enveloped

In shifting clouds of hair – wild

As a kiss of wind – breathless from running

You were there again.

Nothing more complex than this.

Beneath stoical buttresses of a grey

Cathedral – Memory made tangible

In silk and velvet – you, more alive

Than life itself – you, clutching the rough

Arm of my coat with a small, cold hand,

Speaking my name – delicate wet birds

Lifting from your lips – parting the rain,

White trails vanishing into dark caverns

And you were there again.

Nothing more complex than this.

18 thoughts on “Reunion Inesperada…

      • Ear drums is one meaning but in architecture Tympanum refers to the bas relief carvings on the pediment of Greek temples and also above the main entrance to a cathedral. It would be interesting to explore the origins of the connection between meanings.

      • Good call – you know more about the shape of eardrums than I. The tympanum carvings were a visual message to the illiterate from the church powers informing them to obey, or else – perhaps the church was saying “Listen to us”?…

      • I like that idea! only guessing about the shape of the eardrum. Some of those carvings are a bit daunting, devils and wretched souls being sucking into the vortex. I will have to look more closely at your work. I think there were some contorted shapes and quite a bit of darkness…

      • Yup, the Tympanum carvings were intentionally more than a bit daunting, they were terrifying to the illiterate masses – striking fear into their hearts – an effective propaganda tool across the ages,fear, even now…
        as for finding devils and wretched souls in my work – what you see is what you get!
        thanks for the chinwag Philippa…

  1. Have you ever tried bas-relief work? Your drawing gives quite the illusion, pulls the eyes into the depth so much that I want to touch it, to feel the various planes. Yes, I know… step behind the velvet rope, do not touch the art. 🙂

    • Interesting, you are the second person to mention bas relief. I did try it once when I was into ceramics, but 2D is a different kettle of fish. In this one I guess it’s the extremes of tone that give that impression, although it was unintentional. Thanks Nancy…

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