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Tarot Reading.

Tarot Reading. 8" x 6". acrylic, handmade paper,text, pen on cradled panel. (Mix Med #10).


Lost in the cloud of unknowing.

Words fogged or missing.

Hidden meanings, unsolved riddles,

outcome uncertain.

The threat of swords summons fear

and a bird’s skull darkens

the clear stars of choice.

Numbers reveal blindness

to the heart’s armor.

Flowing is blocked from the inside,

the river is damned.

Love’s simplicity is tired and tangled

and ghosts veil the light.

But here is the Empress,

birthing The Lovers,

in rivers of beauty.

And here, the Fool,

stepping out into space,

falling in grace once again

with handfuls of hope

and a trembling trust

in the reds of desire

and the blues of a longing

for coming home.

Yielding affects the desired transmutation.

Quiet loving acceptance is the way.

Understanding follows peace.


Tarot Reading. 8″ x 6″. acrylic, handmade paper,text, pen on cradled panel.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading.

  1. It’ s wonderful to find something like this poem. Intense, yet so many colours, layers put in such a masterful way to let images just appear unexpectedly…

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