fāz/Reliquary Head

Reliquary Head

In Italian cathedrals I saw glass boxes (Reliquaries) containing the (reputed) heads and limbs of saints. I wondered how it must feel to be the afterlife spirit of that person trapped inside an aquarium of death with his or her body part(s) for ever on display and with people staring all and every day, however much they prayed, a claustrophobic hell, a spiritual zoo.

How could everlasting peace ever be found?

What a horrific ending for a lifetime of faith and service.

I hope that these sad relics are nothing more than wax effigies. However, on the off chance that they are real this painting is to light a candle and say a prayer for all fragmented souls.

Reliquary Head. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel. By clinock.

*(see fāz/ Ada and Anna for back story)*

fāz/Que Pasa

Que pasa. 18x14". Acrylic on paper on panel. (Ptg #72).

Well yes, indeed,

who ever really


what’s happening


Who ever really knows which way to go


and why?


I do the old vaudeville double take

and dance the dream

and laugh the cosmic laugh

into the mirror of masks

searching for me.


But it wasn’t me

(was it?)…

We are so many faces

Que Pasa. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel. By clinock.

*(see fāz/ Ada and Anna for back story)*



At first there was just the head, the seeding of a self portrait. Then the collaged word came my way so I added the wing and it all coalesced in a thunderstorm in Mexico and I understood because I have been






Newing. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel. By clinock.

*(see fāz/ Ada and Anna for back story)*

fāz/Past Perfect

Past Perfect

This painting is a meditation; a contemplation, on the child, youth and young man in me.

This is an icon of innocence; a tete-a-tete with the spirit of longing, aging and the illusion of time; an understanding that he is still part of me, always was and always will be, and always still needing my love and recognition that makes him real and makes me whole.

This image is also a tender letting go of all that I have been at every age so none may become an obsession.

I embrace and release every moment of my life, like breathing…

Past Perfect. 18×14. Acrylic on paper on panel. By clinock.

*(see fāz/ Ada and Anna for back story)*

fāz/Gypsy Priestess

Gypsy PriestessShe has been with me for a very long time, winged animal woman, keeper of the sacred heart, protector of the veil, moonlight jungle hunter, card reader and fire dancer

Her mystery lingers in the air…lilacs, burning leaves, holy copal, sun touched skin, ocean salt on the tongue

This image is a single breath in her eternity, caught and released. The next breath and the next she is not this at all, or this,

or this, or this

I can never know her, and yet, she is all my life.

Gypsy Priestess. 18×14. Acrylic on paper on panel. By clinock.

*(see fāz/ Ada and Anna for back story)*

fāz/Back Issue

Back Issue. 18x14. Acrylic on paper on panel. (Ptg #67)

like an ancient comic book,

or carved rock face,

centuries forgotten,

but valuable, inside.

still available from the publisher,

at a price.

like the burning heart that reaches

and twists the lower spine,

hurt upon hurt.

like the never resolved

and never forgiven issues

from the past.

this face, i see,


by a smell,

a colour,

a dream.

when the black and white

back issues rise again,

so surprised to be woken

from early hibernation,

longing, reaching out, swollen…

it’s a stretch…

I thought I understood

this backbone of connection.

But Obviously

i was wrong,

all the way along the line,

I was wrong.

It is an issue of each past

of us all

and the future of illusion.


as I thought,


Back then of her and him.

And this face,

‘Sand Worms from Dune’

she said, emerging.

Me? It was always Alice,

searching for an entrance

to the beautiful garden.

Looking down at her feet

a lifetime distance away…

Connection lost.

Back Issue. 18×14. Acrylic on paper on panel. By clinock.

*(see fāz/ Ada and Anna for back story)*

fāz/ Big Joker.

Big JokerTitled from a playing card handed to me by a friend as I was painting. The card contained these two words that I ripped away and attached to the painting…giving a name to what was already emerging.

Big Joker is an old friend who keeps me real in my life and is honoured in my work, painted and written.

He is shape-shifter, zen master, court jester, town fool, coyote and trickster. I never know when he will next foxtrot into my life and art, but I count on him to keep me walking on thin ice.

He reveals the truth behind the rabbit from the top hat trick, the colours and illusions of who i keep thinking i am and the wonder of the absurdity of it all and he knocks me around until I actually get it, if only for a golden minute and I laugh and laugh despite the pain.

He always begins his cosmic japes with the pretend serious face I have painted, but I can tell when he is conjuring up his next joke and muffling his laughter behind his hand because bubbly tentacles grow from his head…

(When i was a kid i believed that if i stifled a sneeze my brain would explode).

…my life has been,

And still is

Filled with bubbly tentacles…

Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Big Joker. 18″x14″. Acrylic on paper on panel. By clinock

*(see fāz/ Ada and Anna for back story)*