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Another Day…


Another Day by clinock. 18 x 24”. Acrylic and mixed media on cradled panel. 2012.

Process – Colour field laid down then added (pasted) edited and treated magazine pictures. Magazine pictures treated with solvent, altering their content and further altering with acrylic. The whole was then painted with acrylic layering.

Not sure if this is finished – may apply a blue wash to knock back some of the more distracting colours – would appreciate feedback from you on this…

The play of solvent on magazine images is a new technique for me. I use Stevenson Odorless Mineral Spirits for my solvent. If the magazine is new (old ink doesn’t work) one can scrub into the image creating brush-like marks and allowing the images on the reverse of the page to show through. One can also apply solvent to the image, place it solvent side down onto the surface and then apply linear pressure with a 2B pencil to the dampened area which transfers the image onto the surface – al la Robert Rauschenberg.

One can create a collage and leave it as such or one can incorporate collage elements into a painting so that they ‘disappear’ into the painting. In this work I have attempted the latter.

Although my break was wonderful I am left with so many posts from you all to catch-up on that it seems impossible to get up-to-date. I may need to jump over the missed posts and begin again as if this never happened. If I do this please understand that my lack of comments and ‘likes’ comes from necessity not from disinterest.

“If you don’t have trouble paying the rent, you have trouble doing something else; one needs just a certain amount of trouble”. Robert Rauschenberg

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Author: clinock

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37 thoughts on “Another Day…

  1. Ah, very nicely done, John! I’d call it finished! I love the golden glow in the background. Brings out the composition so well…

  2. Very very interesting!!!

  3. That’s what a break has to be. We have all turned half a revolution or so but so have you. My vantage point includes an inbox with 230 unread – something’s gotta give. Good to have you back on the airwaves, clinock, and I see you have found your pigments. Philippa

    • You’re right of course Philippa, thanks for the perspective – my inbox is half your number so I don’t feel so bad now. Yes, I have reconnected with my paints and find that they are still just a pigment of my imagination!…

      • this is an LOL response! very clever punning John. And now I am at 255. When I was on Kangaroo Island (power outages etc) I got to 300. that was The Limit!

  4. Staying current with blogs can indeed create “a certain amount of trouble, ” especially if you like to do things other than read off your screen. Should you add blue to the painting? Who could presume to tell you? But my art mantra is “The answer is always ‘yes’” — when you have a thought it is a call to take the suggested action.

    • Wise words Sharyn – sometimes I wonder if I feel too close to my blogging circle, too attached to maintaining meaningful connections with everyone…as for the wash – see my answer to Lesley, Books and Art above…

  5. About the blue wash – would you apply it to your focal point too. I am seeing the figure on the left as outstanding so wonder about toning it down at all. Just asking :)

    • Appreciate your sensitive observations – if I applied a wash at all I now think it would be a selective application but I need to contemplate the whole idea for awhile…

  6. I think that this piece is beautiful…wouldn’t want you to muddy the intense colours with the blue wash…the top right hand corner might be begging for a wee mark of orange though…don’t know. For me, that’s the only corner that seems to be asking for something. I like the whole solvent technique. I think you are getting some good results with that. Nice to have you back.

  7. Really nice figures. Wonderful abstraction.

  8. And I like reading about your process.

  9. This must be one of your best works, John. I love the colours and the shapes. There is a sense of sitting down to table on a sunny day with a group of special friends. And let’s not forget the bottle of Cabernet!

  10. What distracting colours? I like it as it is.

  11. Another day, another absolutely stunning piece. I’m consistently amazed by your talents and the power of your art.

  12. Wow…you’re really playing with some Mad-Science with your work. Do be careful with the use of matches when working.

  13. It’s beautiful ! I love the colors! I appreciate you explaining the process as well for a newby like me :)

    • Ta very much – but “newbie”? – pooby!!! – I believe you are a rebirth of an artist who was taken before she could finish her work – you are as far from being a newbie as this planet is from Mercury – way ahead of most artists I know and headed for stardom if not there already…

  14. Personally, I love it as is. Maybe go back to it in a day or two…..take a fresh look. Having said that; I am forever wanting to do more. It’s a curse.
    Love the quote by the way.

  15. Hi clinock
    a bit late perhaps to put in my penny but I love the painting as is. No need for a wash :)

  16. One of my favs daddy!

  17. Love the layering with treated magazine pages … not sure if you should knock back the colour or not! =D

  18. This is fascinating, John! I’m with Giovanni… I sense many figures emerging, and many stories being told… But just when I think I can spot one of the figures, several more appear within it… I find the red to be very powerful, in many ways… I look forward to seeing/hearing the outcome!

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