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Birthday by clinock. 16 x 20”. Acrylic and modelling paste on Masonite. 2012.

Process – As for “In the Face of Dreams”, two posts ago.

Painted around the time of my birthday in July – a celebration that I am still here and able to look myself, eye to eye, in the mirror each new day – some angst at the rapid river of time, the ebb and flow of life’s ocean  – keeping my head above the dark waters – swimming, emerging, baptized anew and amazed at the wonders of friends and beauty and daily magic in unexpected places.

My retreat to the Gulf Islands was short but invigorating – the city soon falls away when the senses are awakened by the smells of beaches, ocean, tree sap and grasses – when the night, unimpeded by city lights, reveals stars like jewels, meteors falling like angels and the dance of moonlight on the sea – when walking is a meditation, each step bringing more wonders into sight and sound – when sleep is deep, unimpeded by sirens. And the glorious coastal light filling me with hope and inspiration…

And light has no weight, / Yet one is lifted on its flood, /Swept high, /Running up white-golden light-shafts, /As if one were as weightless as light itself – /All gold and white and light.” (Lawren Harris)

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Author: clinock

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44 thoughts on “Birthday…

  1. [Late] Happy Birthday, John!!!! May you celebrate life the way you do, always …and may you keep painting and writing as beautifully as you do! Thank you!

  2. I agree with Lesley. Your words are a picture worth seeing.

  3. baptized anew – that can be a real spiritual energy burst

  4. Beautiful! I, too, enjoy retreats away from the city. However, ours are usually deep into the mountains. The rejuvenation is the same. :)

  5. Sounds like your retreat has worked wonders.

  6. Very nice John. Great sentiment.
    - The birthdate companion

  7. Happy birthday! I like the words you chose to describe this passing of time that is reflected in our faces.

  8. something as prosaic as ditto won’t do I suppose?
    welcome back. Sounds like a wonderful few days.

  9. I love this piece! This is another one that draws me in with so many emotions that vary greatly as my eyes move.

    My day job has kept me from having time to respond to your kind post from last week but I will be on it soon!

  10. Happiest of birthdays John, hope it was beyond amazing… Love the piece.. was it the British Columbia gulf islands you were visiting?

  11. Your words always sooth me John..for which I am thankful

  12. My first glance at your painting reminded me of an abalone Smudge Shell bowl…from the Waters…very Nice

  13. It sounds like you had a lovely break. I’m happy for you.

  14. Appreciate your thoughts, John. Beautifully rendered.

  15. Also liked your painting. It has a lot of movement.

  16. How beautiful! I enjoy your posts so much. Oh, and Happy Birthday! Isn’t getting out of the city a glorious thing? Good you did that for yourself.

  17. sorry my friend miss your birthday bash ahahha but happy birthday and love the blue streak in this painting it sending out some beautiful waves

  18. To me, your words go so well with this painting, especially “keeping my head above the dark waters – swimming, emerging, baptized anew and amazed at the wonders of friends and beauty and daily magic in unexpected places.” … would you say this is a cathartic or transitional piece? =D

  19. Happy birthday from another July baby! I am scrolling through reading your posts and lingering on the art – each wows me, I have so missed your blog. I am having difficulty getting the like button to work via this cell phone (my new toy) but I’ll get the hang of it soon.

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